Registration for our spring/summer programs is online at




 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Club Manager, Karen ( 

As part of registration, each athlete will receive an OAC training shirt to keep.  They are encouraged to wear them to practices but it is not mandatory. Please remember to order your t-shirt when you register.

We do not offer discounts for athletes who are unable to complete the full program, nor do we pro-rate fees for practices missed.

Athletes must have all outstanding fees paid in full before they may register for and participate in any future programs.


Registration – Frequently Asked Questions:

What are my fees used for?

The OAC is a non-profit organization that obtains funding through membership fees, fund raising, grants, sponsorship, donations and event revenue.  Membership fees cover slightly less than 50% of the Clubs annual budget.  This budget covers a wide range of expenses including:

  • Club and Athlete registration with BC Athletics
  • Facility Rentals
  • Event hosting costs
  • Equipment purchases & sustaining capital
  • Coaching Honoraria
  • Coach Training & Expenses
  • Officials Training & Expenses
  • Administration Costs

Is there financial support to help cover the fees?

We understand that despite the relatively low cost of the sport, it can be challenging for some families to cover the membership fees.  To help with this, upon approval, the Club will allow the fees to be paid in installments to help spread the cost.  Please speak with the Club Manager to discuss this further.

Additionally, to help families and athletes in need, there are several opportunities available for grants and funding to help subsidize season and meet fees.  The following is a list of these:

KidSport Okanagan – (follow the link to the city you live in)

Canadian Tire Jump Start –

Athletics for Kids Grant –

City of Kelowna Grant (Athletic Excellence Grant) –

Money received through grants will be paid directly to the OAC.  Athletes must pay their fees in full.   You will be reimbursed for the amount of the grant should you receive one.  You cannot deduct the grant from your season fees as sometimes OAC does not receive the grants until after the season is complete.

If I register late are the fees pro-rated?

       There are two points in each season when we offer a discount on the OAC training fees.

      The BCA fees are never pro-rated.

       Spring/Summer: After May 15th – 15% discount

                                     After June 14th – 25% discount

       Fall/Winter:        After November 4th – 15% discount

                                    After January 1st – 25% discount

Are the fees refundable?

Often some young athletes are not too sure if they want to participate in the sport.  To help gauge interest and commitment, the OAC allows athletes a trial membership where an they can attend three practices for $60 and if they are interested in joining after, this cost will be deducted from the membership fees.

As the number of athletes and funding is used to determine coaching requirements and funding, the OAC does not provide refunds as a matter of policy.  However, in the case of medical circumstance or cases of extreme hardship, some level of refund of the OAC Training Fee will be considered at the discretion of the Club Executive.  However, the BC Athletics Fee portion of the membership fees is non-refundable.

Does my athlete have to compete in any/all meets?

We understand that many athletes (and some parents) new to the sport may be concerned with entering competitions.  There is absolutely no requirement to attend competitions.  The physical and social aspects of the training is often all some kids want/need and that’s what our coaches focus on.  In time, most young athletes will eventually want to try a competition and our coaches can help facilitate this.