To celebrate the dedication and performance of our athletes, the OAC provides recognition through various awards.

Awards and bursaries will not be awarded if there are no suitable/eligible candidates.

MIKE PASSMORE Memorial Bursary (up to 2 awards/year – one female, one male)

OAC Membership Fee + BC Athletics Fee + Singlet (if required) for one year

Mike was a former member of the KT&FC who excelled as a middle-distance and cross-country runner.  He later competed in cross-country and won honors for Okanagan University College and Simon Fraser University before his premature death at the age of 26.  Mike stood out as a dedicated and passionate athlete.  His fiery red hair and freckled face sprinted to the front of the Steve Reynolds Race, and that’s where you would usually find him at the end of the race as well.

In conjunction with Mike’s parents, Bob and Pat Passmore, the Kelowna Track & Field Club initiated the Mike Passmore Memorial Bursary, and the Okanagan Athletics Club is proud to carry on his legacy through this Bursary.  Each year two awards are available to one male and one female athlete meeting the following criteria:


  • Grade 6 or 7 student
  • Demonstrates a high level of dedication and motivation in cross-country running
  • Positive attitude, outstanding citizenship, and a sense of fair play
  • Motivated to continue developing as a middle-distance/cross-country runner
  • Athletes can only be awarded the Mike Passmore Memorial Bursary once.

STEVE RUSSELL Memorial Bursary  (up to 2 awards/year – one female, one male)

 $500 Bursary for Post-secondary Education

 This bursary is awarded annually in memory of former Club President, Steve Russell.  It is intended to recognize those athletes who best exemplify their giving, caring, and being the “best you can be!” philosophy.  Steve supported all KT&FC events and tragically died while volunteering at a KT&FC fundraiser.

 The senior coaches of the Club have traditionally selected the Bursary recipients.  These coaches have typically worked with graduating athletes for a number of years, and best know the abilities and personal qualities of the applicants. Two members of the executive will sit on the selection committee along with the senior coaches.

 Eligible recipients will be given an application package in April, to be completed and received by the Vice-President by June 1st.  When possible, the award(s) will be presented to the winners at their respective graduation ceremonies. Athletes can only be awarded the Steve Russell Memorial Bursary once.


Plaque – Top Female OAC Sprinter/Hurdler

For years, Rozanne Brisotto could be seen sitting in the stands at the Apple Bowl on cold nights and hot days, watching her two daughters sprint and hurdle.  Her daughters were her pride and joy.  Sadly, Rozanne was stricken with cancer and passed away early in 2000.

 From contributions from her friends in the community and at the track, OAC is able to present an award to the club’s top female sprinter/hurdler (14 years of age or older).  A Commemorative plaque is presented to the winner each year. Athletes may win the Rozanne Brisotto Memorial Award more than once.


Trophy – Top Male OAC Sprinter/Hurdler

Awarded annually to the club’s top male sprinter/hurdler (14 years of age or older). Athletes may

win this award more than once.

MIKE PASSMORE Memorial Award

Trophy – Top Male OAC Middle Distance/Distance Runner

Awarded annually to the club’s top male middle distance/distance runner (14 years of age or older). Athletes may win the Mike Passmore Memorial Award more than once.


 Trophy – Top Female OAC Middle Distance/Distance Runner

 Awarded annually to the club’s top female middle distance/distance runner (14 years of age or older). Athletes may win this award more than once.

SHELLEY YOUNG Memorial Award

 Trophy – Top Female OAC Thrower

 Awarded annually to the club’s top female thrower (14 years of age or older). Athletes may win this award more than once.


 Trophy – Top Male OAC Thrower

 Awarded annually to the club’s top male thrower (14 years of age or older). Athletes may win this award more than once.

ROBIN MUIR Memorial Award

Trophy – Top Female OAC Jumper

Awarded annually to the club’s top female jumper (14 years of age or older). Athletes may win this award more than once.

STEVE RUSSELL Memorial Award

 Trophy – Top Male OAC Jumper

 Awarded annually to the club’s top male jumper (14 years of age or older). Athletes may win this award more than once.


Top OAC Athletes at the Jack Brow – one female, one male

Each year, the OAC has presented The Jack Brow Award to an OAC athlete who has put their heart and soul into competition at the Jack Brow Memorial Track & Field Meet and achieved outstanding results.

Two Awards will be presented; one to the top female, and one to the top male, OAC athletes competing in the Jack Brow Meet.  Athletes must be at least 14 years of age to be eligible for consideration.

Awards may be given for a single outstanding result, or for outstanding achievement in a number of events.  Award recipients will be chosen by senior club coaches. Athletes may win this award more than once.


Most Inspirational OAC Athlete.

Awarded to the most inspirational OAC athlete.  (14 years of age or older). Athletes may win this award more than once.


Awarded to athletes 9-13.

Performance Excellence and Sportsmanship Awards will be awarded to Okanagan Athletics Club athletes aged 9-13 years.  Performance Excellence Awards will be awarded based on a top single performance or on multiple performances. Sportsmanship Awards will be awarded based on the overall attitude and sportsmanship displayed by the athlete. Athletes receiving the Performance Excellence and Sportsmanship awards will be chosen by the club’s Junior Development coaches.

A maximum of four awards (including both Performance Excellence and/or Sportsmanship) will be awarded to athletes in each year of birth spanning the ages 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Athletes may only be awarded one  Performance Excellence or Sportsmanship award annually. Each year, eligible athletes may be awarded in one, but not both, categories.  Athletes may win Performance Excellence and/or Sportsmanship awards more than once (i.e. in subsequent years).

 BC Athletics Junior Development Awards

Plaque – BC Athletics Award

  1. Awards MAY be given for athletic performances in the 9 to 13-year-old female and male categories in each year of birth. Awards are only given to JD members of BC Athletics.
  2. The BCJD Awards are given for outstanding competitive performances rather than participation in the sport of Track and Field. The Junior Development Committee will present all 13-year-old JD athletes with a certificate acknowledging completion of the JD program.
  3. Awards may be issued for performances in the following event areas, and will be grouped together in the following way for award consideration:

Sprints  60M, 100M, 200M, 300M

Hurdles 60M, 80M, 200M

Distance 800M, 1000M, 1200M, 3000M, Cross-country, Walks

Throws Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Hammer

Jumps   Long, High, Triple, Pole Vault

Multi-Events Pentathlon or 3 outstanding performances in parts A-E above

  1. When a change has been made in an event area (e.g. changes in implement weights for throws,) or new events initiated, the awards committee will use the times/distances VERY CAUTIOUSLY until at least five (5) years of results are available for consideration.
  2. Only Track & Field meets sanctioned by B.C. Athletics and listed in the annual Junior Development list of approved meets will be considered in the selection of athletes for awards.
  3. The BCJD Awards Committee will only consider nominations of athletes who have competed in at least one (1) B.C. JD Championship (Cross-Country, Track & Field, and Multi-Event) in the preceding twelve (12) month period. Applications for exceptions to this rule based on medical or extenuating family circumstances can be directed to the chair of the JD Committee for consideration.
  4. Awards for 9 to 13-year-olds are based on competing in all three (3) disciplines of Run, Jump, and Throw, as well as achieving at least one performance that meets or exceeds the standard of excellence posted on the BC Athletics website. Awards for 13-year-olds will be granted for performances meeting or exceeding the standard of excellence for that age posted on the BC Athletics website.
  5. It is the responsibility of the individual clubs, parents, athletes, and/or coaches to nominate athletes for awards. The awards committee can consider only those nominations received in the BC Athletics office by midnight Aug. 31. Athletes traveling outside B.C. to meets recognized for awards by the JD committee must get performances verified by the Meet Director in writing and results submitted to BC Athletics with a copy to the JD Committee.

JD Crest Program

The OAC recognizes the efforts of its young athletes by providing crests to reward the results of their dedication and performance.  Crest levels are calculated on each athlete’s best performances from the scoring tables found in the Junior Development Manual


Athlete must have a full, competitive, Junior Development athlete membership, and all Performances must be attained at track and field meets recognized by the BC Athletics Junior Development Committee.

An athlete must meet the standard for the award applied for in at least three events. By applying 3 for a gold standard, two for a silver standard, and one for a bronze standard then the average of these scores must be 3 to achieve a gold crest, 2 for a silver crest, or 1 for a bronze. (i.e. if an athlete achieves a gold standard in two events (6) and a bronze standard in the third event (1), then the average will be 7 divided by 3 which is 2 1/3 so a silver crest will be awarded.

Crests are rectangles, approximately 3.5″ wide, with the BC Athletics logo. The colour of the side stitching indicates gold, silver, or bronze.  Only one crest may be ordered per athlete.