Club Equipment

With the support of our athletes and many Volunteers, Sponsors, and Donors, the Club has been able to obtain top-quality equipment for the training of our athletes and the use at Club hosted events.

The inventory of equipment the OAC has is quite expansive and includes:

  • Hurdles – full sets of Weighted & Scissor Hurdles
  • High Jump – IAAF set of mats and bars
  • Pole Vault – IAAF set of mats, bars, and multiple-size poles
  • Timing System – IAAF compliant electronic camera, computers, and accessories
  • Steeplechase – water jump and hurdles
  • Throwing Implements – all sizes/weights of: shots, javelins, discus, and hammers

This equipment can be very costly and has been a challenge to obtain the funding to replace on an as-needed basis.  As a result, the Club has recently begun the development of a sustainable replacement program to project short and long-term financial requirements, allowing us to foresee and plan for funding requirements in advance.

Funding for equipment replacement is funded internally through registration fees, revenue from hosted events, and from the various OAC fundraising initiatives, however, the Club has many funding requirements and these sources only partially cover our long-term equipment replacement needs.  The OAC is trying to source additional funding from corporate sponsors and interested individuals.  Please have a look at our Sponsorship Page to see who has helped us and gain more information if you’re interested in helping the Club.