The Okanagan Athletics Club (OAC) is the evolution of the original Kelowna Track & Field Club (KTFC) which was founded in 1983 by a community group with a common love of track and field and an interest in the youth of Kelowna.  To allow the Club the freedom to evolve and adapt to the current reality of youth sport in BC, the KTFC was reformed as the OAC in February 2011.  This transition allowed the club to move from an entirely volunteer organization to one offering minor paid positions to better attract and retain the high level of coaching and staff required to best meet the needs of our athletes.

From its early beginnings with 35 athletes, the club has evolved into one of the larger clubs in BC with over 200 athletes, coaches and officials.  However, through this growth, we have never lost sight that we exist for the sole benefit of our athletes.  This philosophy is captured our mission statement:

“Personal Excellence Through Athletics”

OAC Mission Statement

Our focus has always been to ensure every athlete has the coaching and the opportunity to perform at their best, no matter their age or ability.  From this, our club has been fortunate to have developed numerous athletes who have competed nationally and internationally.   Many of our coaches have also followed suit with national and international representation.  However, from this success, we’ve never lost our perspective that all of these successful athletes started somewhere and we’ve prided ourselves in having a large community of young athletes.  Our Track Rascals and Junior Development programs are the biggest representation in the Club and remain a strong focus with our club and coaches.

The OAC has also hosted numerous track & field meets, including several BC Championships and club meets and, hosts the annual Jack Brow Memorial which has had attendance of over 1000 athletes in past years, making it one of the largest BC Athletics sanctioned meets in BC.

We have grown up. Yet, at the same time, our strengths remain constant. We are a community organization that believes in hard work, commitment to excellence and being the best we can be.