Long Term Athlete Development

The Club’s Programs are centred on a progression of ages and discipline specific skills and focuses on an approach of “Personal Excellence Through Athletics”.   All programs and coaching follow the methodologies developed under the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model which was developed by the Canadian Sport Centre and adopted by Athletics Canada.

The implementation of the LTAD model enables our coaches to develop programs based upon each individual and take advantage of the critical periods of accelerated adaptation to training; allowing athletes the opportunity to develop to their full potential. The LTAD framework is athlete-centred, coach-driven and its success is supported by research and experience.

The Athletics Canada LTAD model is a 9-stage of development from early fundamentals to optimal elite performance.

  1. Active Start
  2. FUNdamental
  3. Learning to Train
  4. Training to Train
  5. Learning to Compete
  6. Training to Compete
  7. Learning to Win
  8. Winning for a Living
  9. Active for Life


Each of the Club’s Programs provides the opportunities to focus on differing ranges and aspects of each LTAD Stage.


 Track Rascals (Ages 6 – 8)

‘Track Rascals’ is specifically setup to introduce young athletes to the Track and Field atmosphere, allowing them to learn the basics of athletics, and of course the skills needed for all land-based sports!  Track Rascals are most importantly NON-competitive training members, with a number one goal of having FUN!

The program follows the Run-Jump-Throw (RJT) development model created for our sport by Athletics Canada.  This “FUNdamentals” program teaches the skills of running, jumping and throwing and teaches the technical skill progression needed for track and field events.

More importantly, the skills learned in the RJT model form the basic skills needed in essentially all land based sports.  So, whether athletes remaining in track and field or shift to other sports, the Track Rascal program can provide them with a strong foundation for success in all sports and physical activities.


Junior Development (Ages 9 – 13)  

The Junior Development (JD) program gives young athletes the opportunity to develop physical literacy, learn skills specific to differing track and field disciplines, develop speed and fitness while within the context of the “Learning to Train” and “Training to Train” stages of LTAD.

To provide JD athletes feedback and motivation in their personal development, the OAC participates in the JD Crest Program organized by BC Athletics.  The Program provides a methodology to measure personal achievements and provide recognition.  Crests are awarded annually and are determined based on each athlete?s seasonal best performances in relation to the scoring tables found in the Junior Development Manual.


Senior Programs (Ages 14+)

The Senior program allows the maturing athlete to progress to a more discipline specific area of interest.  It focuses on the LTAD stages of Training to Train, Learning to Compete, Training to Compete and Learning to Win.  The Program provides event specialization and higher level coaching that leads to more consistent performances.

Coaching and support within the program provide the opportunity for the athlete to progress within their chosen athletics discipline(s) to their highest level of personal achievement.  Additional training opportunities are available within the Program through Supplemental Training to provide athletes a more focus and intensive training regime to pursue higher levels of achievement.


The OAC is very fortunate to have a wide range of well trained, high level coaches that, through their knowledge and experiences, can provide the training to the highest level of the sport.